You know I have sons. Three sons.

Until the recent re-discovery of the horrors that are preteen and teenage girls, I did secretly (or not so secretly) wish that I had a daughter. Not that all girls are awful, of course. There are many – including my nieces – that are very sweet. But even these sweet girls have encounters with the evil sort, so it’s impossible to escape.

I’ve witnessed a 3 girl “ignore” attack on a girl just this week. Nice. Real nice.

But I digress.

Last night, I went out to a very classy joint, The Homy Inn, with a friend and her husband. We met 5 couples there.

They had champagne on tap. Seriously, they did. This was very exciting to me, since one of my favorite drinks is a Black Velvet – Guinness & champagne. Ahhhh.

I really liked all the friends of my friend. Well, I didn’t much talk to the men, since they sat together at the other end of the large table. But the women? They were all smart and funny and sweet.

One was talking about her daughters. 12 and 14, I think. I had trouble staying on my chair I laughed so hard. But the highlight. The highlight by far was… drum roll please…

When her daughter wanted to start using tampons, this mom searched Youtube for HowTo videos. What, take the laptop into the bathroom??

And though Youtube didn’t have what she was looking for, the Tampax site had great instructions and a video. I went to check it out and I (who does not impress easily) was very impressed by the site and its sister site, BeingGirl. They’re really useful and fun.

There’s even locker space – free online space for girls. These are some great marketers. If you have a daughter, check it out.

But me? I’ll just enjoy the boys I have. And feel lucky.


9 thoughts on “Daughters.

  1. I remember getting a personal care kit of some sort when I was in junior high it included a book with lots of helpful advice on how to deal with “your changing body”. The boys got a similar kit but they just deodorant with a book. I can’t remember what company put it together.

  2. I will have to remember that. You’d be surprised how many questions there are on Yahaoo Answers about using tampons.

  3. I learned to use a tampon with three other 14 year olds on a summer biking trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Out of 15 on the trip, there were only four of us girls. And our cycles, of course, adjusted to one another. So there we were, trying out those Kotex on a stick tampons (remember those?!) in the girl’s room for a couple of hours. Now THAT was some live(and fun) training!

  4. Oh. My. God. I forgot about tampons. Well, one more thing for me to freak out about 🙂 I know what you mean with the girls getting nasty – my daughter is only 3 and some of that stuff is already starting. seriously. it is scary. boys can be nasty too, although in very different ways. so far though, my sons have come through mostly unscathed. Whew! And really, YouTube? I hope she didn’t find anything 😉

  5. A how-to video online for tampon use?

    I shouldn’t be surprised. There’s probably a video online explaining just about everything a human can do!

  6. Lordy, I took my niece to buy her first bra; what an ordeal. “It’s cutting me in half!!” she whined. I’m glad sis got the tampon duty.

  7. I had the girls check it out, they liked the music page. It is so hard to “teach” tampon use, I went through that this year myself.

    Guinness & champagne, I never would have thought to try that! I’ll have to.

    I think I like your blogs so much because you always give me a new idea or something to think about.

  8. Thanks for all the comments. Fun memories. But I’m glad I’m not 14 just the same!

    You all with daughters? Good luck.

    And Jodie, that is the nicest thing to say. Thank you.

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