Okay, so I missed Thursday. No one’s perfect, right? As a matter of fact, someone really wise told me recently that I should stop trying to be perfect. Let some stuff go! So, whatever. I’m a day late. For penance, I added one.

Fourteen things I did this week

1) Met the artist who made my favorite necklace.
2) Had a therapeutic massage (I’ve never felt better!)
3) Admired a new glass sculpture
4) Went to Funplex
5) Spent 3 hours on the tarmac in Minneapolis
6) Drank Woodford bourbon (and got my friend to try it!)
7) Played Crazy Eights
8) Whooped a bunch of people in SET. Okay, fine. They were kids.
9) Almost froze to death in the theater watching Ocean’s 13.
10) Had my favorite dish from The Jaipur.
11) Shopped at Deniz. What a treat!?
12) Drove a fun sports car.
13) Spent 4 whole days with my best friend.
14) Laughed and smiled a lot. And I mean a lot.


One thought on “

  1. Was the glass sculpture a Chihuly, by chance?

    8 & 9 made me laugh. Hope you did a victory dance after stomping all those kids! And I’m always tempted to take a blankie to the theater.

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