Has your 7-eleven become a Kwik-E Mart?

You may have read about this promo for the Simpsons movie. They’ve turned a handful of 7-eleven ‘s around the country into Kwik-E Marts.

If you live near one of these, you might want to check it out. It’s a load of fun!

Burbank, CA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Lake Buena Vista, FL/Orlando, FL
Las Vegas, NV/Henderson, NV
Los Angeles, CA
New York City, NY
San Francisco, CA/Mountain View, CA
Seattle, WA
Vancouver, BC/Coquitlam, BC
Washington, DC/Bladensburg, MD

So after a nice brunch at our friends’ house this morning and the local 4th of July parade, we headed down to Bladensburg (about a 40 minute drive) for a look-see.

We had a great time. Bought some Slurpees (or Squishees, as they’re called now) and fought the crowds. We even bought some Krusty-O’s because the kids wanted them and it was just that kind of day.

There have been some write-ups about how some might be offended by the promotion – particularly since so many franchisees are Indian and Pakistani. I read reports that said most of the franchisees were thrilled with the tie-in. Not all, mind you.

But this was pure fun and capitalism at its best. The crowds and lines were managed with aplomb and there were even professional PR folks there to answer questions. (We asked how the stores were chosen for the transformation and that young woman was prepared with her talking points. And she was friendly and helpful to boot!)

I bet that this 7-eleven has the best month’s sales of all time.

And good for them for having a sense of humor.


5 thoughts on “Has your 7-eleven become a Kwik-E Mart?

  1. we came thisclose to going to the one in bladensburg today, too! jeff is a simpsons freak and would love to go.

  2. Kristin – I didn’t know that about Jeff! But we know he loves comic books & SHHH>>>>we bought him a Radioactive Man comic book! Don’t tell!

    Junebee – they taste just like fruitloops!

    Mary – We’re glad too! Those of us near these stores really lucked out…

  3. This looks like great fun, I’m a real Simpsons fan.

    I enjoyed your article in Mslexia by the way. Hope it inspires more women writers to take up blogging!

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