We had an experiment here at our house. Summer is here. As you might imagine, our house with three boys can get a little loud and silly. And sometimes (horrors) there’s even a little brotherly pushing and shoving. And inevitably, that can lead to one (probably the smallest one) sad and maybe even crying.

Yesterday, they banded together and asked if we would let them see the Simpson’s Movie when it comes out on July 27th. It is rated PG-13; so they wouldn’t assume we’d allow it.

We told them that we needed to know they were mature and responsible. They had 24 hours. No unkind words. No pushing. No annoying each other in any way. If they could do it, we’d consider the movie. If they couldn’t, we’d take away a privilege.

They bit. So at 2:17 p.m. yesterday, the contest began.

They were perfect. Absolutely perfect.

They were counting the minutes. And at 2:19 p.m. today, they started poking each other. I know they were just pushing my buttons. So I tried not to react.

What I learned is:

  1. the boys are perfectly capable of being nice to each other when they feel it is important. (Understand, they usually are pretty nice to each other – it’s just the not-so-nice times that stand out.)
  2. 24 hours is a very short time. On the TV show, it seems so very long – an entire season!
  3. boys will be boys
  4. they want and need to be loud sometimes

And I realize that next week – when the boys will all be elsewhere and we’ll be empty nesters for 7 GLORIOUS DAYS, I’ll probably find the quiet disconcerting.


3 thoughts on “

  1. It is the youngest girl in our family who is pushing, poking and calling names. The boy is an angel. I’ve tried that deal before, she never makes it more than 30 minutes.

    All in all, it seems like you’ve got really great kids.

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