It sure is quiet here.

Yesterday, we took Reed and Max to camp. Sleep-away camp. For




Reed looks ready to go! Max, well? Let’s just say that while he was very excited on the way up, he didn’t look quite so happy when Andrew and I left.

I sent an email to the unit leader just to check on my baby. He wrote back:

I also want to let you know that Max is doing very well. He is getting along with the rest of his bunk mates. This morning I saw him help some of the other kids clean for inspection this morning. I do not know if he does this at home, but he is one of the only kids that I did not have to ask to help each other. He slept soundly through the night, and there were no home missing issues. If anything does arise, I will be sure to let you know. I hope this helps.

Whew. I’ll sleep better tonight.


5 thoughts on “It sure is quiet here.

  1. what a world where you can e-mail the counselors! how much things have changed since i went to camp and made my mom worry because i didn’t write or call.
    i hope you and andrew enjoy the peace and quiet. if you get too lonely, you are welcome to come over to my chaos!

  2. Kristin – I’m sure he is.

    Elizabeth – thanks for the kind offer. We’ll be okay!

    Steakbellie – it’s weird, isn’t it!??

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