Super citrus.

Some things are just not ladylike to discuss. But today, I decided to go out on a limb.

It’s nice to keep air freshener in your powder room. My personal favorite? Super Citrus. I am not a fru-fru flowery air freshener kind of girl.

Years ago at a previous job, there was a cinnamon-scented spray that was acceptable, but if you over sprayed, it was nauseating. But I digress.

One of our colleagues lost his mother this week. So today, we went to Chevy Chase to the Shiva, to pay our respects. It was lovely. A spread of food like no other. You know how it is; our people take their food very seriously. The house was beautiful and our friend’s family and friends were very nice.

I drank a bottle of water on the way there. Then, I had 2 diet Cokes (they didn’t have Pepsi!) so I could have something to hold for security.

So, I needed to use the rest room before we left – it’s about a 45 minute drive home. The door was closed and there was a sign in 6 year old writing that suggested that one knock since the lock was broken.

I knocked.

“Just a minute,” I heard.

So I waited. For minutes. Several long minutes.

Now would be a good time to mention what I was thinking while I was waiting. I was thinking that if someone was in there that long, this was not going to be pretty. Could I hold it in? Could I make it back home? I didn’t think so. So I continued to wait, dreading the inevitable.

And the door opened. An elderly man stood there – with the door opened now – and flushed the toilet. He put the seat up and then down (huh?) and exited the room, allowing me to enter.

Before I go there, I have to wonder if he washed his hands. I wonder because who flushes AFTER they wash? But anyway…

I walked in. And much to my dismay, it was worse than I’d imagined. My eyes scoured the room looking for…you guessed it…air freshener. There was a pedestal sink, so nothing under there. I was starting to panic when I noticed a baby powder scented spray on the floor in the corner. Gasping for air, I sprayed.


So all this to remind you that it’s really nice to have spray. And I highly recommend the Super Citrus – it’s fresh and clean smelling.

Maybe I should start carrying it in my purse.


3 thoughts on “Super citrus.

  1. I imagine you didn’t want to make a uh, big STINK about it, considering the situation.

    I like to use Lysol. Anything else gives me a headache.

  2. I do have a purse-size air freshener spray put out by Glade (do they have Glade in the U.S., too?); it’s called Ultra, and it’s a concentrated spray. Look for something like that in the supermarket; it’s not a bad idea to have one handy in your purse/pocket sometimes.

  3. Super Citrus is my favorite also. It doesn’t aggravate my asthma, and the lemon deters the cats from places I don’t want them to go. Unfortunately, my supply is gone, and my supplier doesn’t carry it anymore. Anyone know where I can still buy it?

    For Torontopearl… yes, we have Glade, and it aggravates my asthma. Super Citrus has no chemicals….

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