Talk is cheap.

One of the perks of the kids away is that we can come and go as we please. And last night, Andrew and I decided to go to Baltimore to one of our favorite restaurants, Blue Sea Grill. It’s owned by the same group as our area Ruth’s Chris steakhouses, leading my father to call it Ruth’s Fish. Cute, huh?

At any rate, last night we went early to take advantage of happy hour. We were happy to stop working early, happy to be together, and happy to feel so free. So happy hour seemed extremely appropriate.

We sat at the bar and ordered appetizers. Lots of appetizers, as you can see. It was fun!

There were 2 bartenders. One who was leaving soon and her replacement. Evidently, it was the new one’s first night.

We’re friendly, in general. But this woman would not stop talking. About her step-kids (boy 12, girl 9) and how they do nothing around the house. About her work schedule and her husband’s. About the pre-law classes she is starting to take. About her brothers (she has 6 brothers and 2 sisters). I know that she is 37 years old.

And to make matters worse, I know that she gagged when she tried oysters and sushi. (Her father offered her $25 to eat her first raw oyster when she was 15.) And apparently, she dislikes all fish. (Keep in mind, this is a seafood restaurant!)

Seriously, it was too, too much.

We tried avoiding eye contact. We tried shifting in our seats to face each other only.

To no avail. We had a great time, but folks, this was pretty darn annoying. If you Blue Sea Grill people have a Google Alert set up for your name (which every company should!) then here’s your chance.

Tell that woman to shut up or get out. No one wants to know her life story. Or even her thoughts. When we go out, we are doing it to feel special, to have a good time, and to stay connected.

And I don’t even mind a little chattiness. But, this was way over the top.

(But it makes a good story!)


One thought on “Talk is cheap.

  1. Was there a table in the bar? Sometimes bar areas have small tables that are away from the actual bar. I wouldn’t have hesitated to get up and move, carting all the plates and drinks to the table myself. And the tip would have been lousy.

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