I was in my first year of college when the first Friday the 13th movie came out. I had never been to a horror movie except Carrie and that scared the crap out of me. My friend Dawn grabbed my hand so tight that my hand bled from her fingernails digging into me.

So I wasn’t all that interested in scary movies.

I never saw a trailer. I hadn’t read about the movie. So when John suggested we go, I said okay.






Seriously, I still remember how freaked out I was. And I have never watched a horror movie since then.

Last night, Andrew and I (still sans children) started watching One Hour Photo. I knew it was creepy, but figured we were home and how bad could it be?

And I still don’t know how bad it could be…because I made Andrew turn it off half way through. I was starting to get the feeling it could be bad enough to keep me awake and freaked out for some time.

So you want to know what we’re doing for Friday the 13th? We’re going out for a quick dinner and maybe we’ll rent a Disney film. No, I’m kidding. But it’s our last night alone. I’m sure we’ll think of something.

Something that won’t scare the heck out of me.


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  1. I can’t stand horror films, though my partner is addicted to them. I’m learning to appreciate slightly scary films!

  2. I don’t do horror films, shoot ’em ups, or extreme suspense either. I passed out in a theater once, from holding my breath during a traumatic scene.

    Give me Ratatouille.

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