Don’t forget!

I found a new website that I love, love, love. It’s Jott.

Picture this. You’re driving down the road and remember something. You know you won’t remember it later. You don’t have a pen. Besides, is it safe to write while driving on I-95 at 65 MPH? Don’t worry. Call Jott. This service will transcribe your message and send you an email with the text (and a link to the audio) or, if you prefer, they’ll send you a text message to your phone.

Or better yet, you want to send an email to a client, but can’t get to a computer.

You can even send message to a group of people, with one phone call.

Since I have bluetooth, I just say JOTT…it dials…I leave a message.

And it’s easy to set up.

Did I mention it’s free?

Try it!


6 thoughts on “Don’t forget!

  1. I frequently get my biggest brain storms while I’m driving, so Jott seems like a cool service.

    Like the virtual personal assistant I’d like to have someday!

  2. I registered yesterday and already jotted myself 4 times. I didn’t realize how often I needed to talk to me! Thanks for the tip!

    TTFN, Melissa

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