Reading is fundamental.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure (and I do mean pleasure!) of driving from Manchester, New Hampshire up into north central Vermont. Highlights:

  • No cell phone service
  • Interesting local radio
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Polite drivers and very few of them

It was relaxing and wonderful and invigorating. I had time to think (remember what that feels like?) and time look around and appreciate the world.

But it also got me to thinking. There were signs for Moose Crossings, signs for Bear Crossings, and signs for Deer Crossings. I, for one, had no idea that any of those critters could read. Come to think of it, maybe they just look at the pictures. Nevermind. That makes more sense.

When I got back home (can you believe this was a day trip!?), I told Andrew that I was ready to pack my bags and move. I did a quick search (sorry Mom, sorry Alice) and found out that for 10-20% less than our current house is worth, we could buy a house that is over 4,000 square feet on 18.5 acres. And it’s nice. Really nice.

Can anyone recommend a good mover?


6 thoughts on “Reading is fundamental.

  1. My brother goes to Vermont on holidays, vacations and long weekends. It gets too cold in winter for me though. One time when I visited we built a real igloo. That was fun. Their place is outside of Rutland.

  2. Early winters and a relentless mud season once the snow melts might get real old after awhile. One of my college roomies grew up in VT. She moved back, and then moved to FL. And now lives in New Hampshire (a slight improvement). I’d say, get a summer house, and stay in Maryland over the winter!

  3. Northern New England is gorgeous. I spent 3 years in Western Mass and I’ll second the annoyance of mud and six month winters. But if you can handle the cold, the fall makes it all worth it.

  4. My mother’s friend retired to Vermont and when the first two weeks of July had come and gone, the locals would comment: “My, my, THAT was a glorious Summer, wasn’t it?” Kinda makes you think.

    Paula L.

  5. I have a friend who moved there. It truly is beautiful…but in the winter, it snows and snows, and never goes away. Kids never really get a snow day. They just put on their snow pants and boots and head to school. She did say that there is a horrible black fly season. Maybe you could keep a place in MD, too. 🙂

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