I love new technology.

I was really excited to see Fighting Mad Mary’s site this morning. She put a really neat widget up – it’s My Celebrity Look Alikes – by My Heritage. Wow, she does look like Meg Ryan, Kate Hudson, and Fergie….

Of course, I was drawn in. Over the years, I’ve heard that I look like Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Anniston, Carrie Fisher. So, what’d I have to lose?

Well, take a look at this. Either the technology is really flawed or I really need to do something to look a little more feminine. Yikes.

Okay, maybe it was just that photo. So I tried again with another one. Different results (who wouldn’t want to look like Holly Hunter!?) but still – two men!

Then, I tried Andrew’s photo. My favorite one had NO matches. Who could compare? I mean, seriously.

But then I tried again with a goofy new picture I took recently. Here goes:

It’s fun though, so give it a try if you’re so inclined!


6 thoughts on “I love new technology.

  1. that’s a riot! clearly there is something wrong with the technology if you are being compared to men. but i would say looking like elizabeth taylor and kira sedgwick isn’t bad at all!!

  2. Wendy,
    I should mention that I tried three different photos before I was happy with the results. I was getting MOSTLY men with my first shot.

    Lesson learned – wear more lipstick!

  3. Okay, I was somewhat amused looking at all of your celeb look-alikes, and even saw a few vague resemblances (mostly re: the shape of the face), but the idea of Andrew even remotely resembling Mick Jagger — now, that’s very, very amusing. And what did Andrew think of that?!!
    See you later on!

  4. Wendy: You look FABULOUS with the blonde hair. And you look just like the gorgeous friend of Kristin’s…oh! it’s you! There is no celebrity who can compare to your beauty, m’dear.

    Paula L.

  5. Elizabeth – you are so right – Elizabeth Taylor? Bring it on!

    Mary – Thanks for the link and the lipstick idea! I’m going to try again…

    Laurie – yes, hysterical.

    Paula – thank you, you are too kind. It’s really not blonde…the photo is washed out!

    Maven – I KNOW! Isn’t that a riot?

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