illustration from choiceshirts. who knew?

Today, I was printing out the photos that the camp posted online of my kids. As I was thumbtacking them onto the boys’ over-sized bulletin boards in their rooms, it occurred to me…

I’m an iMom.

I think it used to be called a Jack of all Trades, or Jill, if you prefer. But now, we do all those mom things…drive, pack, cuddle, comfort, prepare, nag (I meant to say remind), reprimand (hopefully not too often), love, love, love…

And now, with all the tech tools and online reporting from camp and enewsletters from school and such, it seems we have more to do than ever.

I don’t know if all the technology in our lives has given us more work as moms or if it has streamlined our lives. I think both, actually.

You think an iPhone can do a lot of things? Maybe it can.

But if you really want to get something done, use that iPhone and call an iMom.


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