I’m just saying.

Last night, I went to a very hip “fiesta” happy hour. It was at an ad agency – a client of ours. I put on a nice pair of slacks, great shoes, pretty tank. And it was a good hair day. I felt ready.

It was hot out. My feet were feeling a little sweaty in the great shoes as I walked the city streets to get there from the parking garage. But that’s okay.

Entering the offices, I made a nametag. Everyone had a nametag. Totally clashed with my top and it was a little too long so the sticky part kept sticking to my skin. But that’s okay.

At the reception desk, I asked for a Corona. And I looked around. Lots of young ‘uns here. Lots. Everyone was chatting it up, looking at ease and happy. It was happy hour, after all.

After uncomfortably looking around for someone – anyone – that I knew, I walked back into the office space.

Did I mention this is really beautiful space? It is.

So I’m looking around and I spot a friend. He doesn’t work here, but is the partner of someone who works here. Whew. A friendly face. And then, I found a couple others. Still, I felt a little awkward.

Somehow, I ended up in one of those circle conversations. You know what I mean – when 5 or so people are standing in a circle talking and the conversation moves this way and that?

It was at that moment that I looked to my right and realized that the 25 year old woman to my right who I’d been talking to must be 6 feet tall. And 125 pounds. With long blond hair and a twinkly smile. She was a knock out.

Hey, I’m not biased. I talk to tall gorgeous blonds. No problem. But then I looked to my left.

Another glamazon.

All of a sudden, I felt like Fiona.

Which is particular pitiful since I felt so pretty and put together less than an hour earlier.

I realized that the time I spent agonizing over what I was going to wear to this soirée was not a good spend. Because no one looks at the 40-somethings when they’re hanging with girls like this.

This is not to say that I think they’re better than me. I know I have some fine qualities and even that I look good for my age But on a first glance basis? If you don’t know what’s inside my head?



8 thoughts on “I’m just saying.

  1. Fiona you’re NOT! You look more than pretty good for someone “your age”. You look great at any age. And I’m not biased.

  2. W:

    I saw you last night just before you went out. You looked GORGEOUS and SEXY. A 25 year old woman might not have wrinkles or a gray hairs. But what she also lacks is the sexy grace that being in one’s 40s brings…you know, the “comfortable in one’s one skin” that radiates confidence and sexiness and beauty. Frankly, many of the women in their 40s that I know are much better looking and sexier than the 20 some year olds – you included. I wouldn’t want to be 25 again…

  3. Perhaps they were looking at you, thinking to themselves, “Gosh, I hope I look that good when I’m 39!”

  4. i’m only 34 and i still feel that way when i go out (and i don’t look HALF as good as you). chin up – you’re a hottie. youth is overrated 😉

  5. i just had breakfast with a 40 something woman – she was so put together and confident and stylish. i felt completely young and unattractive and unworldly while sitting across the table from her. i even wondered if i could ask her to be my mentor so that i could be like her some day…..at this particular meeting, it wasn’t you…but it certainly has been in the past!

  6. I am 26 and I can pretty much guarantee that those women were thinking “I wish I wasn’t so tall,” “I hate my hair,” “How does she get her hair to curl like that?” etc. But I absolutely know how you felt. I go to school with women like that. They look like that when they take their finals.

  7. This is another one of your posts that stayed with me, and that I struck up a conversation about, over the weekend. Very thought provoking, what can undo our confidence so easily. Hmp. You’re a knock out, and everyone in the room merely looked over and thought “look at those 3 goregous women.”

  8. Don’t forget Fiona is the one with three hit movies and a loving man to go home to. Sounds like the winner to me!
    🙂 M

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