Where do you want to go for dinner?

Really neat new site. Or so I thought.

Miniature Cube. You choose where you are and how far you will travel. You choose sit down, carryout, etc. Then select price range and cuisine. Or leave some blank if you don’t care.

And it recommends where you should eat.

I admit, I was pretty darn excited. Particularly because we have this discussion regularly. And I bet you do, too.

I tried it for my area with moderate price, sit down meal. And it recommended a Chinese restaurant I’ve never been to. Maybe I’ll check it out. Still, pretty excited about this new site.

Then, I decided to try Gnightgirl’s area. I don’t know why. Planning ahead for when I head out that way some day?

And do you know what they recommended?

Come on, you’ll never guess.


Hooters on State Street.


4 thoughts on “Where do you want to go for dinner?

  1. I decided to try this. I gave the prompt for a “sit down” dinner within 5 miles of my zip. We all know that the DC line is within 5 miles of my zip. The recommendation? Red Lobster.
    Yeah, right! I think I’ll stick with Zagat’s.

  2. I did this, it couldn’t find anything although it had my small town as an option in the drop down menu. It said it couldn’t find anything so I should try Steak & Shake. This was a test to see if it would recommend our favorite Chinese buffet down the street. The Cube has failed the test.

    Maybe the restaurant has to be a member of some association to be on the Cube’s list. Anyway, we’ve got plenty of places to eat and not enough time to eat at them all. We avoid chains (Red Lobster, etc) like the plague. We’d rather give our food $ to small ethnic restaurants. Support the local businessman and all that.

  3. AAAAAAaaaaawwwwwwwww, Get the heck out of here (stomping and spitting nails!!!)

    When you come here, we’re going to Radio Maria for tapas, Thara thai, for thai, Esquire lounge for blue cheese & pear pizza and beers, Silvercreek for brunch, Courier cafe for milkshakes, and Cowboy Monkey for martini’s.

    Hooters. Harumph. Come hungry, I’m mad now!

  4. Wow. Hooters?? I tried to search our “sister city” of Urbana and it recommended Steak ‘n Shake.

    We really do have more to offer!

    GNG knows all the best places!

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