I’m not the foodie in this family….

But I’ve watched enough Dinner Impossible and Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares to know what should happen in a restaurant.

  1. It should not smell like dirty sponges.
  2. The waiter should be easily understandable.
  3. If seated by the waiter station, the waitstaff should at least keep the personal chit-chat to a minimum. I mean really, do I need to know some of that stuff?
  4. When you ask what the soup of the day is, it is not a good sign when the waiter leaves to check and comes back to say, “Tomato and Noodle. The same as we had yesterday.” Okay, then.
  5. Did I mention the smell?
  6. When asked what the best thing on the menu is, it is never a good thing when he tells you the most expensive item from each category.

Okay, so we ordered. (It was just Davis and me. I can tell you that Davis would never complain. I can also tell you that if I had been there with Andrew, we might have left or spoken to the manager. Read on….)

The meal was served. Admittedly, it took a little longer than I thought it should, but it was not totally unreasonable.

Davis had the Waffle Benedict.

  1. The bacon was not even half cooked. It was fatty and limp and disgusting. I did mention it to the waiter (ewwww) and, to his credit, he offered to bring some other bacon to the table. We declined, as even perfectly crisp bacon becomes less appealing after removing uncooked bacon from a dish. Know what I mean?
  2. The fruit garnish looked awful. I know, it’s just decoration. But it should look nice, shouldn’t it?
  3. ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, the hollandaise was really nice and the eggs were pretty close to right on. Davis didn’t care for the waffles, but I thought they were tasty.
  4. The potatoes were great.

I ordered poached eggs with turkey bacon.

  1. The eggs, though poached lightly as I like them, looked disgusting. I’ve seen pretty poached eggs. It’s possible.
  2. The toast under said eggs was the soggiest I’ve ever seen. Must be from the run-off from the poached eggs. But yuck.
  3. The turkey bacon was okay.
  4. My fruit garnish was equally blah.
  5. The potatoes were great.

I know you think I’m being really particular. But this place is known for its eggs and breakfast dishes. I expect more. In fact, it’s called Eggspectations. So what I really meant to say was, I eggspect more.

After we ate, I couldn’t find Daniel, our server who was supposed to take care of us, to get the check. I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry if it hadn’t smelled so yucky.

So while I’m no foodie, and I’m certainly no restaurant reviewer, I am not all that happy of a customer. And I’m in no hurry to go back.

Note: We tried to go to Strapazza for soup and salad but they had a power outage and all the employees were sitting outside the dark restaurant. Sigh.

End Note: I had a wonderful evening hanging out with Davis. We had great, uninterrupted conversation and he has so many interesting things to say. So good food or not, it was a perfect night.


One thought on “I’m not the foodie in this family….

  1. You mean in this day and age of evil high cholesteral, someone has the nerve to open a restaurant around the theme of EGGS?!?!? Actually, I like eggs and breakfast-related dishes but sounds like there was lots of be desired there.

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