Max: Come here. [giggle, giggle] You gotta see this.
Reed: What? [insert bored sound here]
Max: [serious giggle] No really, guys. This is good.

{watch them walk from snowball stand to the nice grassy area by the fire department training center}

Davis: You’re right. That Diet Coke bottle is filled with lemonade.
Reed: LEMONADE. {insert raucous laughter here.}

Boys will be boys.

So I have to wonder. Was it the firefighters who left that Trucker Bomb?


3 thoughts on “Overheard….

  1. eeeewwwww I didn’t know those things even had a name. You learn something new everyday on the internet.

  2. I hadn’t heard it given a real name, either. Once again, you’ve improved my education!

    I guess in the UK it would be called a “Lorry-Drivers’ Bomb”!


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