It took many years for me to realize that not all dads cut the seeds out of watermelon before serving it. Because my dad always did.

I loved watermelon. It was refreshing and tasty. And easy to eat, since there were no unsightly seeds. No need to worry about swallowing one or spitting one out. No seeds. Really.

Later, they started selling seedless watermelons. I’ve never had one that had the same oomph, to tell you the truth. But I sure like the idea of it.

To me, a great, juicy watermelon IS summer. So, I was very excited when Andrew brought a big one home from the farmers’ market the other day.

And last night, he served it.

It was juicy and delicious and the perfect chilled temperature.

Only one problem. It was chocked full of seeds.

Now I’m not saying that Andrew doesn’t love me as much as my dad does.

But, I do have to wonder….


7 thoughts on “Seedy?

  1. When I was a kid (and a young mother teaching my children the skill) nothing could beat eating watermelon outside on a summer day and spitting those pits as far as we could! Now it seems that most watermelons are seedless…they taste just as good (watermelon being my all-time favorite fruit) but somehow lack the character that those seedy ones had. Your dad was a peach (no pun intended) take out all the seeds for you.

    Paula L.

  2. I was always the only person in our entire family — including “extended” — who didn’t like watermelon. People just couldn’t believe it. But honestly, to me, it’s just not worth any of the effort. And the seeds are only a small part of my objection! Most of the problem is that I just don’t think it has an interesting taste.


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