That’s life.

I wanted to play Scrabble tonight. But I lost. But Reed and Max brought The Game of Life out. Again.

But as usual, this game was anything but boring.

As you can see above, Max decided on a commitment ceremony in lieu of a wedding. We’re fine with it. We want him to be happy.

I got a phone call halfway into the game. When I left the table, I was a doctor with $100,000 salary, an expensive, stylish home, and a big old pile of money. When I came back, my salary was down to $20,000 (WTF?) and almost half my money was gone. I never did get an explanation about where it all went. I suspect it was split amongst some of my opponents.

Max won with $1.8 million. Andrew came in second at just over a cool mil with Reed barely behind. I was the big loser. Sigh.

But here’s the thing. I heard more about their days, their friends, their football game, their thoughts during this Game of Life than I’d heard in a long time.

So it really IS all about spending time together.

That’s life.

3 thoughts on “That’s life.

  1. That is so funny b/c my oldest got “Life” for his birthday. When we were reading the instructions and playing our first game, my second son landed on the “Get Married” space and proceeded to put a “man” and a “woman” person in his car, and my oldest said, “You know if you want, 2 men can get married or 2 women can get married. That’s allowed, even though some people don’t like it.” Mr. EK and I almost fell off our chairs laughing.

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