Overheard. Again.

I’ve got bacon on my head.
My head in the pan.
The pan’s on the stove.
The stove is on high.
Making bacon and I don’t know why.

Disclaimer: this is absolutely all Liz’s fault. She started talking about shaving heads and tatoos. That’s how the bacon tattoo came up and hence, the song above. Thanks a f!*&%g lot, Liz.


One thought on “Overheard. Again.

  1. I will take FULL responsibility for the Penne Walrus (Max – you know who you are!) but for the bacon? Hell, all I did was add the last line and inquire what the boys would say if they shaved their heads and got tattoos! It was Reed who mentioned the bacon and afterall, your boys have always been the bacon boys. So I’ll take 50% and the other 50? Leave it to the pig! 😉

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