Help me settle a bet.

Andrew and I disagree about my last post. (Ding. Dong.) So can you help me out?

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SATURDAY UPDATE! 75% voted YES and 25% voted MAYBE...


6 thoughts on “Help me settle a bet.

  1. although i entered not sure, i think it was a wonderful thing to do. it would depend on what else is going on. i always have good intentions but whether or not i am able to carry them out is a different story. but i think it is fabulous that you did that for her!

  2. I wouldn’t have made her anything if I hadn’t show up at her door the day before (not because I don’t want to, because I’m lazy) but I would have felt too guilty after the mix-up. Plus everyone needs neighbors who like them.

  3. I voted yes, because I think it’s pretty awesome that you did that and it will be a funny story if you ever become friends.

    I dont think I would have done it. You are some kind of Superhero that runs by her own rules.

  4. Eliz – you would have. I know you.
    Melissa – I DID feel guilty. But I do make stuff for my real neighbors. This woman isn’t even in my neighborhood!
    Steakbellie – you say the nicest things, you sweetie.
    Maven – I know you would have!

  5. I voted “yes”. Out of plain human compassion and love, anyone could have simply bought a cake or a box of cookies. It really wasn’t about baking a homemade goodie (although that is ALWAYS great!), after all, but the empathy of feeling the lonliness of someone who doesn’t know a soul. I’ve been where un-Julie is. Any act of friendship is lovely and very much appreciated.

    Paula L.

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