Long live the queen.

So we’re back on school schedule. And while we’ve been a little lax about making sure the kids did all their jobs this summer, that is so over.

So when I got a feed with ChoreWars in it, it totally piqued my interest. It’s like Dungeons and Dragons for families (or others) to accomplish chores. So I’m Queen Mum. The rest of my family consists of the Prince of all Choredom, Wide Mouthed Eagle, Prince Davis III, and last, but not least, the King of All Cooking.

Everyone gets points for their chores. After some chores, there are challenges with dragons and rodents and such. Pride and gold can be had.

This appears to be very motivational in my house. Maybe it’s because we have a strict no electronics rule (except for schoolwork) during the week when school is in session and this allows for a little computer time. Or maybe it’s because it’s just fun.

I’m thrilled that all the beds are made, the cats are fed and the laundry is put away.

Let’s see how long this bliss lasts.


2 thoughts on “Long live the queen.

  1. I wonder if this would work in our house. We have two kids that do their chores without complaint and one who lies, cheats and steals to get out of them. I’d love to find a way to motivate her.

  2. Funny! Mr. EK and I told the kids that our family was like a team. We had to work together to create a nice environment for us to live in. They were free to keep their bedroom looking like a college dorm, but public spaces had to be neat and clean. So we told them we were “Team EK (insert our last name here)” and everyone had a role, just like in baseball, except the roles rotated. We bought baseball caps with “Team EK” embroidered on them. We also told them that if they didn’t want to do their part of the chores, Mr. EK and I could be their “DH”: they could pay us out of their allowance to help them, just like we pay our cleaners who help us out every other week. THIS was quite motivating, as both boys are saving for some huge lego/transformer thingy. So far, this has worked. Some grumbling every once in a while, but they are really responsible about it. I have no illusion this will last much longer than middle school, hey, we gotta take what we can get. I love that site – it is hilarious.

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