Summer of aught seven.

I don’t know how I came across the article, No, You May NOT Have A Sno Cone of Death, but I did. It’s a rant about chemicals and unhealthy foods and rip-offs. And while I agree that $2.00 for a cup of ice with colored flavored chemicals is a bit silly, snowballs (as we call them here) are a staple of summer. They are the perfect dessert after steamed crabs. On special nights, we’ll get chocolate syrup or Nerds on ours.

And sadly, the local snowball stand – the one by the hardware store – will close next week. Summer is over.

The pool is only open another few days.

Already, it seems like Fall. School is back in session here and it’s going great. We have plans for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur all arranged. The NCJW Fall KickOff event invitation came today. The Ravens vs. Redskins exhibition game was the other day. So football season is really here.

And, horrors of all horrors….

It’s time to start wearing long pants again.

This year, I discovered walking shorts. They’re a little longer than Bermuda shorts, I think. Whatever they are, I think they’re a flattering length on me. They’re comfortable, yet cool. They look great with a wedge sandal.

I am not ready to put jeans and slacks on. I’m just not.

I’m not denying that there are benefits to long-pants-season. Not shaving my legs, for one.

But the freedom and the lazy schedule and the traveling and the giggling with the kids. And the sleeping late.


Okay, I can still giggle with the kids. And honestly, I don’t sleep late anyway. But I could.

I’m dreading the early darkness. I hate that. But, I love cuddling up with the boys and reading great stories together, night after chilly night. And, I’m looking forward to the lima beans at the farmers market. And the crisp smell of the autumn air.

And the apples. I can’t wait to make applesauce.

I’m going to hate to see Fall go.


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