A walk in the park.

There is nothing like spending the day in a beautiful park, hiking the trails and climbing on rocks. And there’s nothing like spending the day with Andrew and the boys – the rest of the world a billion miles away.

We’re looking forward to a peaceful holiday weekend. And we wish the same to you.


3 thoughts on “A walk in the park.

  1. I came across your blog after reading about it in Myslexia. I really like your style of writing and these photos of Central Park remind me of our own trip there last Spring. The first we had ever made to New York from the UK where we live.

    I got so confused about trying to achieve something with my own blog that I forgot that it was fine just to write one for the enjoyment of it. Thank you so much for reminding me of this.

  2. Junebee – it’s easy to forget how pretty the woods are!

    Frances – thanks for coming by! I know what you mean about a blog with a purpose. Who can do that all the time? It sucks the fun out of it 🙂 I didn’t see a blog on your profile, but would love to read yours….post a URL if you get a chance.

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