Better safe than sorry.

I was a safety when I was a sixth grader. I remember that feeling – the power, the responsibility – that overcame me when I put on that belt. I was special.

Sure, my mom told me I was special all the time. But this was different. Now, the school administration thought I was special, too.

Looking back, I think it’s interesting which kids wanted to be safeties. Sure, there were your everyday goody-goodies. But that wasn’t all. Some of the kids were leaders. They were willing to take responsibilities and be in charge. You might call that being bossy. But I call it leadership development.

Reed got his safety belt today. He’s not a regular safety either. He’s a kindergarten helper. His job is to help the kindergartners get on the right bus every day. He is very excited. And proud.

I see big things for this kid.

3 thoughts on “Better safe than sorry.

  1. I’m so proud of Reed also! Yay Reed. And nice colour belt (much better than orange! (And I hope that he doesn’t have the same safety guard experience as his father…and I! Oy!(

  2. i see someone signed as “pop pop.” my zeidy is pop pop, too!

    anyway, i was also a safety patroller, and the way you described how you felt when you put your belt on was perfect. i totally relate!

    how wonderful for reed. i’m sure it will instill a lot of good qualities in him.

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