Jott myself.

So I’m driving north on US Route 1 today after schlepping to Laurel to pick up some brochures for NCJW. They came out great. Thanks to a really great designer (and photographer!).

The music is playing, the windows are down. The temperature is a perfect 74 and sunny. And then I spotted it. The box in the road. And the Styrofoam all over the street.

I tried to avoid it. I did. (And I almost crashed into a really cute guy in a BMW, too.)

But I couldn’t do it. I had to run over…the Styrofoam.

You may not know that I have a very, extremely, serious aversion to Styrofoam. I hate it. (And I don’t use THAT word lightly.) And that sound. Oh, that sound. I get cold sweats. I swear, it’s true. I even get like that if I don’t hear it, but just see it.

So what ran through my head? All I kept thinking was “will it give me the sweats if it’s under the car?”

As you can imagine, I was stressed out.

And then I ran over the nasty stuff.

And I broke into a cold sweat.

Even I thought it was funny. So I picked up my phone and dialed Jott. “Who do you want to Jott?”, the nice computer lady asked.

“Jott Myself”, I said, and then “Styrofoam on the road still squeaks!”

As you may know, Jott transcribes the voicemail and emails it to me. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I made a quick stop at my favorite thrift shop. (Found nothing but did try on a very cool gray dress but it was too short.) Then drove home enjoying the beautiful day.

I was relaxed and happy. I’d almost forgotten about the events of earlier. And then I checked my email. And I got this, from Jott:

“Siren sound in the load still squeaks.”

3 thoughts on “Jott myself.

  1. I feel about balloons the way you feel about styrofoam. God, they are everywhere. I especially go nuts when I see a floral delivery car filled with balloons. Ugh.

    About Jott: Years ago I bought a small digital recorder to keep in my car, so I could remind myself of all the things I knew I’d forget when I got home. Guess I am a techie after all!


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