High holidays 2007. Continued.

Today, I had to go to our bank to make a deposit. The Columbia Bank. Got that? The Columbia Bank.

I put my check and deposit slip in the canister and send it on its way to the nice people inside the air conditioned space. And then I saw the flyer.

Customer Appreciation Day. We appreciate our customers. Join us for hot dogs, sodas, ice cream and entertainment. Saturday, September 22nd.

Yes, on Yom Kippur.

You know, the day of atonement? A day of fasting? You know the one.

Now I realize that in the real world, Jews are a serious minority. Around 1.7% if my calculations are correct.

In our county, the percentage is much higher – I’ve heard as high as 10%, but to be conservative, let’s say 7%. That’s about 20,000 Jews. (Our county population is 272,452.)

What were they thinking?

And when I asked the teller if they mostly appreciated their non-Jewish customers, how did she respond?

Yes, we know it’s Yom Kippur. (Blush)

And as I was ready to pull away, she said “Happy Holiday!” with a big smile.



One thought on “High holidays 2007. Continued.

  1. same thing happened to us: our neighborhood has a ‘kids night out’ every three months or so. you can drop the kids off at the clubhouse and for $5/kid they’ll babysit them. our neighbors have a party each time. this time? it was last night. we probably should have said something but didn’t want to be THOSE neighbors.

    but still. it bugged me that the community association scheduled it for erev yom kippor. they wouldn’t have scheduled it for christimas eve, right?loser1

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