He loves me. He loves me not.

He loves me.

Yesterday was quite the day.

I had a meeting in D.C. at 3:30 pm. If you know the area, you know that traffic at 5:30 p.m. is beyond awful. But that’s when my meeting was over, so there I was, creeping and crawling north a little and east a little and north a little…..

Reminds me of step by step, closer and closer… you remember those horror stories?

Anyway, I was trying to get home in time to have a quick bite of dinner before going to the middle school curriculum night.

But alas. It wasn’t in the cards.

So straight to the school I went.

Strategically, I chose a parking space near the lot exit so at the mass exodus I could get out quickly. Always thinking, I am.

All the parents met in the cafeteria and then dispersed to the homerooms. Then, we spent 10 minutes in each class that our kid has – we did their entire schedule. Since there was such a short time in each, it really just gave us a flavor of what the teachers were like and what the kids would be doing.

The last class was science. The teacher talked and talked. And talked. The bell rang. But he kept talking.

I felt like I was back in school. I had better things to do and the teacher wouldn’t excuse us. I guess I could have gotten up and left, but it didn’t feel like an option.

And then it happened. The thunder. The torrential downpour.

Most of the parents were tucked safely in their cars. But not me.

As I walked down the hallway past all the lockers and posters, I realized that I should check my phone. It’d been on ‘silence all’ for obvious reasons.

Andrew had called 4 times. Oh, no! What is wrong?

I called him back immediately. But the phone didn’t work. Oh wait, my bluetooth was still on. Ugh. And it’s in the car.

Run through the rain. Now, I’m drenched. My nice sandals? Toast. White shirt? Well, you can imagine. But don’t.

In the car, shivering, I get the bluetooth. It won’t turn off. It won’t. Ugh. So, I’ll disconnect it through the phone itself. Locked up. No go.

Fine. I’ll remove the device period. Okay, done.

Still pouring rain. Traffic still awful in the lot. Since every parent is ahead of me.

I try again to call home. Nothing. So, I start driving with the masses. It’s only a few miles.

When I got home about 15 minutes later, my darling husband is on the porch. Seems he thought the meeting was over an hour earlier and he actually drove around to see if he could find me. Maybe I was in a ditch?

Fortunately, not.

But all I could think about was what the heck we did before we all carried phones. I was out of contact for a few hours.

Back in the day, one would have assumed that the meeting ran late. Now, if you can’t get through on the cell phone, it is alarming.

But it was nice to know he cares so much. Either he loves and adores me (probably that’s it) or he was freaked out thinking he’d be raising the kids himself.

Lucky for him, I made it home safely.

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