A guest post from Andrew.
By now, you may have figured out that we get very excited about certain things. Good food, friends, and family time together. And despite the dislike by certain members of our family of certain holidays, the one thing we can all agree on is birthdays.

We go out of our way to make the celebrant feel special – breakfast in bed, birthday songs, a greater influence on family activities – you get the picture. And one of the best features is that we try and make the celebration last as long as possible. So welcome to WOW!!!!! – The Week of Wendy.
A brief run-down of the special WOW!!!!! activities to date:
Sunday – WOW!!!!! begins. I run carpool in the morning, go grocery shopping, and try to keep the kids out of her hair for the day. Moderately successful despite the fact that she loses the draft of her blook and has to start again.

Monday – furious planning by me and the boys for the rest of the week (shhhh – don’t tell). I help with homework, and hope that Max learns that he has to bring his books home. We exchange anniversary cards, and she gives the an awesome card/painting. Honey, all I can say is 459.

Tuesday – our anniversary. Although we didn’t set out to have our wedding day so close to her birthday, it just kind of happened. Well, not really, but that’s another story. So I really make an effort to celebrate both days with the energy they deserve. I make dinner reservations for our night out in DC on 10/27 (don’t call us), and cook for her shrimp poached in butter, rice, and sauteed sugar snaps, with a nice bottle of Gruet sparkling wine.

And the rest of the week? You’ll just have to wait for the next post.