Thursday Thirteen.

Sometimes, with a little effort, you can take something that is good and make it better. Case in point, my kitchen. Today, I’ll tell you 13 things that are better now then they were before.


1 See kitchen above.

2 Davis’ cooking skills. (He just made me a birthday carrot cake…from scratch!)

3 Cell phones. Remember those clunky ones from back in the day?

4 Pencils. Seriously, check out Ticonderoga’s tri-write. They don’t roll.

5 Digital Cameras. I don’t miss film at all. My crummy pictures don’t cost me anything at all! Plus, I don’t get those notes in my pix from the developing house with ‘hints’ for better photos. Yikes.

6 My kids. We can do more fun things as they get bigger. It’s great.

7 Bedtime. I used to hate it. Now I love it.

8 Speaking of bedtime – my sheets are better with every wash. But I know you don’t want to hear about that again.

9 My iPod library. I’ve added some great new music lately!

10 My workouts with Cyrus. Definitely stepped it up a bit. It’s challenging, but I really like it (in a weird sort of way).

11 TV. Well, really it’s the DVR. It just makes the TV experience so much better, in my opinion. And yes, I still watch commercials. (Well, some of them.)

12 Max’s saxophone playing. Not much better, but he can play some notes! (Reed’s trumpet playing is really getting great!)

13 My life. Never boring. Keeps getting better. I’m a lucky girl.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen.

  1. I covet your kitchen! I thought mine was large! well I gues it is from a British perspective but yours….wow! I seriously want similar immediatly…best go tell Chopper I am sure eh will be delighted to hear this!

  2. the contrast is really amazing. the new one is just so fantastic! and i definetly agree about the dvr. life is so much improved when you can just press pause.

  3. The new kitchen is amazing – job well done. You even upgraded the lighting – looks like you didn’t miss a detail.

    I think I have the same cabinets but in a darker color.

  4. Fabulour kitchen transformation! Even my husband, who’s done a couple of kitchen refacings for people (self-taught), was rather impressed. The lighting is especially great!

    Enjoy, and use the kitchen in good health.

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