Top Chef.

Davis has always loved to cook. Here he is at 2 years old – with his apron (and White Bear) and ready to go.

I bought him a kid sized baking set with a real rolling pin, spatula, airbake cookie sheet. We got a knife from Pampered Chef that was kid-friendly (see photo to the right) and he’d help cut carrots and more. He started using the toaster oven shortly thereafter.

More recently, he has become fascinated with plating. He makes a beautiful plate.

You know he made me a carrot cake. Yum! He and I took a cooking class the other day at L’Acadamie de Cuisine in Bethesda. It was fun, but a little too basic for him. (Not for me, though. Sigh.)

I am amazed when I see him with a big sharp knife delicately chopping shallots or onions. He really is a natural.

I am happy to be the tester. It’s a job I was made for.

His love of cooking has inspired his brothers to be more adventurous in their eating. Last night, we had poached chicken with a tomato, olive, and Italian bean sauce. Sure beats pizza, hot dogs and mac & cheese.

Andrew tells the boys they should cook because it impresses girls. I say they should cook because it’s an important (and fun?) skill. Truth is, it does impress girls. Why do you think I kept dating Andrew? (Okay, it wasn’t JUST his cooking.)

I won’t be surprised if one day, Davis becomes a chef. But even if he just cooks for the love of it, I’ll be the proud mom.


2 thoughts on “Top Chef.

  1. Cooking is a wonderful skill to have. I never let my mom teach me to cook because it was traditionally a woman’s role, and I didn’t want anything to do with “girl’s jobs.” Since my mom hates to cook, she didn’t push it. Now I have exactly one meal I can cook for guests, and it involves at least one course that the folks at the Commissary made for me.

    Yes, girls like a man who can cook, but even better is a man who isn’t afraid to do what he loves.

  2. Wow, what a cool kid. N3S likes to cook too but has no ordinary awarness of the concepts of, hot, burn, sharp etc so it always ends with me a quivering bundle of nerves!

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