I might have mentioned that I hate Halloween. You didn’t know that? Well, I do. And it irks me that Americans spend so much on this holiday. Why? Search me. It’s not my problem. Maybe I’m just the Halloween Scrooge.

Findings from the NRF 2007 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey

  • 58.7 percent of consumers will celebrate Halloween this year, compared to 63.8 percent that celebrated last year.
  • The average consumer celebrating Halloween will spend $64.82 on Halloween, compared to $59.06 last year.
  • 33.2 percent plan to take children trick-or-treating in 2007.
  • 28.3 percent of those responding are planning to throw or attend a Halloween party.
  • Haunted house visits are planned by 18.7 percent of Halloween consumers.
  • Halloween continues as one of the biggest decorating holidays of the year, second only to Christmas. 66.7 percent of consumers plan to purchase Halloween decor and 47.8 percent plan to decorate their home or yard. Consumers will spend approximately $1.39 billion on decorations, an average of $26.59 for those planning purchases.
  • $1.57 billion will be spent on candy, with 94.7 percent of consumers buying. The average consumer will spend $19.84, and 72.9 percent plan on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and others.
  • Consumers will spend $23.33 on average and 33.8 percent plan to dress in costume. Total spending on costumes, including those for children and pets, is expected to reach $1.82 billion.
  • 7.4 million households plan to dress up their pets in costume. The top pet costume choices for Halloween are devils, pumpkins, witches, princesses and angels.
  • One-third of adults will wear a costume this year. Adults’ favorite costume picks for Halloween this year are fairly traditional including witch, pirate, vampire, cat and princess. The most popular ‘branded’ favorite for adults are Star Wars characters.
  • Children’s Halloween costume favorites include princess, Spiderman, pirate, witch and fairy.
  • Greeting cards will be given by 33 percent of consumers, totalling $.31 billion.
  • Because it is not a gift-giving or an apparel holiday, Halloween ranks lower than other annual holidays in terms of spending. Halloween remains the sixth-largest spending holiday after: Winter Holidays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

    Seems everyone wants to get into the action. I’ve seen yogurt packaged for Halloween. Chips, cookies. But not just food products. It’s everywhere. Halloween is everywhere.

    But this takes the cake.


    Trick or Treat this Halloween with a betwitching betty™!
    Try a SUN-BURST betty™ (orange) color or a BLACK betty™color along with our new fun shaped Halloween stencils!

    A cat or a bat shape, or maybe a ‘lil pumpkin patch!
    3 FREE stencils with each BLACK betty™kit or SUN-BURST betty™kit purchased.

    Available NOW on Beauty Betty! Place your order today!


6 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. Wendy, I’m with you. I hate being forced to dress up. Although dressing up my toddler isn’t so bad. But my neighborhood is CRAZY for Halloween. It’s like Christmas with the decorations.

    Oh, and they do this thing where you “Boo” someone and leave a basket of treats on the door step. Kinda like a Secret Santa. So annoying… Ba Humbug!

  2. I’ve always loved Halloween, but don’t do anything for it anymore.

    And, I have one friend who plans of surprising her husband, she said, with a “bat hootie.”

    Maybe we’ll get pix at J1.

  3. Megan – Humbug – I’m with you!

    GNG – Cool! I hope she posts!

    Ezer – It’s real. Who’d of thunk it? My hub is in the “not that lucky” boat with Mr. EK….

  4. OMG, I have never seen anything like that!

    Now that the kids are older they go off with friends. My 4th grader still really gets into Halloween though, she is a Black, sparkly fairy this year. The older kids tell her to look extra cute because she is “bringing home the candy for everyone”.

    I was in Chicago last weekend and Navy Pier was Navy Fear, it was fun!

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