Now you see it. Now you don’t.

I know that I am too critical of my looks at times. And I care too much about my weight.

But the truth is, I think I look my age or younger. I think I look fine. I just wish I cared less.

So the other day, when I was sitting there minding my own business, imagine my joy when I looked down and noticed that my ankles were wrinkled.

Not baggy saggy. Not like a 90-year-old. But there were wrinkles where my foot and my leg come together. I guess it’d be a wrist if it was a hand. What do you call that anyway? Nevermind. I’m off-track here….

So I have these wrinkles. I was fascinated by them. When the heck did they get there? That day? The day before? Why hadn’t I ever noticed it before?

And then, my mind flashed back to my grandmother. Her legs were wrinkly there when the rubber meets the road too. Is this some crazy genetic disorder? Does it start in your forties?

I’ve always liked my calves. They are muscular, yet slim. I love putting on a great wedge or heels and letting that part of me show.

But now. Now that I know I have this ankle and foot-wrist infliction, what shall I do? Lucky for me, I suppose, that I love to wear boots.


4 thoughts on “Now you see it. Now you don’t.

  1. Oy vey girls! Wendy – a 14 year old just commented to her mother the other day what a killer body you have,including your ass, I might add. If a 14 year old girl, who is on the verge of blossoming, thinks you rock, I’d leave it at there and stop worrying about the odd wrinkle here and there. Really!

    and that goes for you too, DJ!

  2. Ha! You are funny – yes that was an amazing compliment! Mostly, I thought the ankle wrinkle was a curiosity. I’m not really freaked out about it!

  3. LOL, Wendy, you crack me up. I noticed those little lines above my top lip a few months ago. Freaked me out too. Being that I’m almost 52, I suppose they have earned their right to be there.

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