Found in the backpack….

A form in 3 languages – Korean, Chinese, and Spanish offering interpreters for the upcoming elementary school conferences. How cool is that?


6 thoughts on “Found in the backpack….

  1. It is interesting that those are the three languages. Where I grew up, it would have been Spanish, Mandarin and Tagalog. Living in such a diverse place is wonderful.

  2. From a different angle… very cool, indeed, that your elementary school boys actually bring home papers intended for you in their backpacks! For a few years back in elem. school, I remember frequently wondering, “Isn’t the class mom collecting for an end-of-year gift?” or “Why haven’t I heard about the plans for **fill in the blank**?” The answers ended up being found in a very messy locker. Thankfully, we’re past that now. Kudos to Reed and Max! (And to Ho.Co. diversity!)

  3. Melissa – yes, it is wonderful.

    Maven – I’d imagine that at your school, you don’t need translators – the parents speak the language of the teachers, right? (Public schools would be a different matter!)

    DJ – It is really nice for the non-English speaking parents. No direct cost – it’s covered by our county taxes…

    I met a Korean woman who’d just moved here. She said that back home in Korea, people talked about OUR community and that it’s the place to choose if moving to the USA. Fascinating.

  4. In Florida it would have been English, Spanish, and Spanish.

    They keep sending home reminders to enroll the Branch and Blossom in Spanish class. Branch and Blossom have been exposed to Spanish all their lives, they’ll probably speak Spanish before English!

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