Live from my front porch.

So I’m here on the porch as the festivities begin. So far, we’ve had a princess, a zombie, Harry Potter, and some unidentified teenagers. Maybe 12 or 13 kids so far. It has barely begun.

I have to confess. I am shocked that we’re at 100% thank you compliance at this point. It’s 6:40 pm. If you remember last year, we ended up well under the 50% compliance mark. Huge disappointment.

It’s starting to get cold. I had hoped that it would stay a little warmer since I prefer to sit outside and watch the goings on… But I might not make it. I have a small temperature comfort zone. But the computer is warm and I have it on my lap. That might get me through. I would, however, prefer a coffee with B&B. Probably not an option because a) I don’t have any B&B and b) the neighbors would be mortified to smell alcohol on the breath of the candy-giver-outer. Don’t you think? Just seems wrong.

So I’m watching across the street and there’s a huge mob. They are young and old and very giggly. But it’s dark and I can’t see them at all. As they work their way around the cul-de-sac I wonder if I know any of them. I probably do. It’s not that big a town.

This year, we got a huge candy variety. I am curious to see what is left at the end. Was chocolate preferred? Chewy and sweet (like Starburst & Skiddles) preferred? Only time will tell. I am so lucky to have such pressing questions in my head. Deep stuff. I like chocolate candy: Snickers, Peanut M&Ms, Baby Ruth. But I also really like SweetTarts, Skiddles, Spree. I really like Spree.

Funny about Spree, though. It’s a the movie theater. Always in the store. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it. But it’s never mentioned. No one talks about Spree. It just doesn’t have the cache. Why, you ask? I have no idea.

It’s 6:52 and I hear the first casualty. A screaming, crying kid down the block. I don’t know if she fell or if she lost her candy or what, but yikes. Make that kid quiet down. What do you think this is? A kid’s free-for-all? Oh wait…

I hear Reed talking to his friend. I don’t see him, it’s dark and he is several doors away. But he’s suggesting a candy break. Let’s eat some candy before we move on. Now that’s my boy.

Some huge boys just came by. They’re probably only 15 or 16, but they towered over me. Odd. I suppose my guys will be taller than me soon. Not something I’m looking forward to really. But it’ll be here before I know it.

Some little guys in Ravens uniforms just got here. Oh wait just a second. I’ve seen these little Ravens before. Or have I?

The ringleader (about 5 years old) shouts “it’s my birthday!” and then I’m sure. “You’ve been here before!” What I meant to say was get your grubby little hands out of the candy! You already got a handful. And I mean a handful. I remember that kid. That’ll teach him to say “it’s my birthday” at every house, now, won’t it?

It’s 7:27. Feels like I’ve been sitting here for an eternity. Turns out it has only been an hour. One dinky hour. Wow. If time flies when you’re having fun, is it fair to say that it creeps and crawls when you’re not?

Well, it hasn’t been that bad. Some of the kids are awfully cute. Like the mom dressed like Dorothy with the toddler triplets – tin man, lion and scarecrow. OMG. Too cute for words. Don’t you dare tell anyone that I enjoyed part of this night.

If you do, I’ll get you, my pretty.


2 thoughts on “Live from my front porch.

  1. In our neighborhood, if you AREN’T drinking on Halloween, people look at you funny. Parents are walking around with “cups” while trick or treating and some people even pass out adult beverages. Sometimes I really like where I live, but I still hate Halloween like Wendy. Although we make the most of it.

  2. GOOD Halloween commentary! I wasn’t so detailed with mine, but maybe you’ll enjoy it anyway. Glad somebody else enjoyed answering their door that night!


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