New addition?

We put in an application for this 8 week old sweetie at the shelter. But what to name her?
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10 thoughts on “New addition?

  1. Since Joe’s full name is “Joe Blaze,” somehow “Blaze” doesn’t seem right. I like Ginger – it suits her sweet, cutie pie face. AHHH. Three’s a charm – black, white, and orange striped.

  2. I’m guessing the son that dressed up as toxic waste is the one that came up with the name “China Cat Sunflower”. I love the creativity!

  3. It’s my job to stop my wife and kids from bringing animals into the house. Any animals that make it past me, get named by me.

    There are a few that have succedded.
    We once had a Beagle named Senator.

    We have a Chocolate named Larry
    A three Legged Dog Named Lucky
    and as of a week ago A Shitzu named Stella

    So you can see I am very good at this sort of thing.
    (growing up I named my dog Velcro……no really)

    I think you should continue with the ‘Blaze theme’ as a Last name only. “Stinky Blaze” “Miss Peabody Blaze”

    I voted for “China Cat Sunflower” because of it’s blatant greatness. Perhaps it should be “China Cat Sunflower Blaze”?

  4. I second Steakbellie’s suggestion….though the China Cat Sunflower is a mouthful and may give her a complex later in life! ;-o

  5. If she ends up being China Cat Sunflower, you know she’ll just be China Cat in the end..and, you’ll need to get her brother I Know You Ridercat! I vote for EEK! (as in EEK! the cat!) we adopted a brother and sister and named them Warren and Bootsy (full name: Bootsilla baby!)

    either way, enjoy!!


  6. China Cat Sunflower gets my vote. It’s a Grateful Dead song, no? I named my cat Phoebe Sunflower…but all she ever answers to is “Kitty.”

  7. Thank you all for your help!

    I think there is some voting fraud going on here though – the Molly votes seem awfully high to me….

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