What are you afraid of?

Growing up, I probably had all the regular fears. But I don’t remember them. I only remember one.

I was terrified there was someone hiding in the bathtub.

The bathroom that was next to my room (that all the kids shared) was cheery. There was typical late-60’s, early 70’s flowered wallpaper in blue tones with some red. The vanity and cabinets (which were kind of neat and now, very retro) were speckled in a robins-egg-blue. I liked it.

The shower curtain was more of a royal blue – like the biggest flowers in the wallpaper. And the toilet sat right between the vanity and the tub.

Every time – and I mean every time – that I sat down on that seat, I’d pull back the curtain and peek into the tub. I was considering telling you that it was just at night, but that would not be true. But it is true that at night, I’d check more than once.

This is all perfectly normal for a young child, right?

Here’s the rub. I checked behind the curtain until I left for college.








Actually, until my parents sold the house.

I knew it was irrational. I really don’t even remember still being scared that someone might be in there. And yet, I continued to check. Every. Single. Time.

A very close friend of mine (who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, though I have permission to write this) has been married for about 15 years. The marriage is very happy, they have healthy happy children. Sure, there have been ups and downs. She is a bit sensitive and maybe a little neurotic and he is a little stern and sometimes moody. But they are happy and have built a wonderful life together.

My friend is afraid that it won’t last.

There is nothing to base this on. Every time there has been an issue in their life together, they have dutifully worked through it. Together.

And yet, the fear remains.

I suppose that we all have irrational fears.

Want to share yours?


4 thoughts on “What are you afraid of?

  1. I am scared of vomit…yep I really am scared of it. Emetephobia its called. Yes, you may call me a freak… I’ve tagged you c’mon over and see…

  2. Wow Wendy, that was a surprise post…from fear of what’s behind a shower curtain to fear of a marriage ending. I always fear getting that phone call…”I’ve been in an accident”. I’ve gotten it 3 times already…

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