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46% of parents read to their children less often than their own parents read to them, according to Kelton Research.

Is that sad, or what? (don’t you dare say, “or what!?”)

At our house, reading to the kids has always been a priority. We’re all readers anyway and the boys love to be read to. I used to dread the day that they didn’t want me to read to them anymore. Fortunately, it hasn’t come yet.

These days, we choose a book together and read a chapter or two every night. We’re on the 2nd Alex Rider book now. I expect we’ll go through the whole series. Andrew and I take turns – it’s a coveted job around here. Lately, even the cats cuddle with us at reading time.

Oh, and I have to add that there is serious disappointment if we can’t make time for it – like if we were out late or something.

I know my parents read to me. But I can’t remember what they read. Honestly, I can’t remember them reading to me. But I know that they did. (Mom?)

But I will never forget the books of my boys’ younger years. Some I won’t forget because I read them a trillion times and some I won’t forget because they got to me somehow. Maybe they were funny. Or maybe touching. Or some? Just plain odd. Here are some highlights:

  • The Giving Tree
  • Welcome to Dinsmore, The World’s Greatest Store
  • Seven Silly Eaters
  • I Love You the Purplest
  • My Big Dog
  • Officer Buckle & Gloria
  • I Love You Forever (I really dislike this book, but it’s very memorable)
  • Bone Poems
  • Encyclopedia Brown books
  • Just Plain Pets
  • Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise
  • We’re Very Good Friends, My Brother and I

There are so many more. What are you favorite children’s books?


9 thoughts on “Read on.

  1. I read them the whole Tolkien Lord of the Ring Series when the oldest was only 6 or 7. I think it took almost a year! Maybe I was shooting too high at the time….

  2. The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
    The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
    The BFG
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Flat Stanley
    Runaway Bunny
    Goodnight Moon
    Fancy Nancy
    Because of Winn Dixie (speaking of grocery stores)
    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day . . .

    I could just keep going! But I have to say, I Love You Forever creeps me out.

  3. I loved to read RLS “A Child’s Garden of Verses”. Don’t you remember? It was a few years ago. I can’t really remember all of the books I read, but I did read to you. How else did you learn to love books so much?

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