We have crossed the line – into the no babysitter space. Davis took the certification class. It’s the weirdest thing, just saying goodbye and going out for a bit.

Sure, we need someone here if we’ll be out long or late. But in general? This is a babysitter-free-zone.

And now that Davis can babysit for others, he gets asked what he charges. He has found that he makes more money if he doesn’t give a price – parents who want to get some kid-free time seem to be willing to shell out the bucks. Even for a 12-1/2 year old. And besides, don’t you remember how hard it was to tell someone your price at that age? Yikes.

At any rate, I came across this the other day: A teenage babysitter in New York City charges an average $14.84 per hour, reports the Wall Street Journal. Sitters in Dallas, TX average $7.33 an hour, Washington, DC $9, Chicago $8.67, and Los Angeles $8.64.

I was surprised to find that LA is cheaper than DC or Chicago. How can that be? The cost of living there is so high.

And then, I started thinking about Dallas. I bet the parents in Dallas go out a lot. Hey, it’s a 50% discount over NYC! Being the geeky researcher that I am (hey, just being honest here), I decided to find out the difference in cost of living between NYC and Dallas. Here goes:

Salary in New York (Manhattan) NY: $100,000
Comparable salary in Dallas TX: $45,557.59

If you move from New York (Manhattan) NY to Dallas TX

Groceries will cost: 31.004% less

Housing will cost: 79.834% less

Utilities will cost: 24.399% less

Transportation will cost: 10.716% less

Healthcare will cost: 21.9% less

And evidently, babysitting will cost 50% less. But, considering the salary is almost 55% less, it’s not the bargain I originally thought.

But Los Angeles, on the other hand, is the deal of the century. Consider this:

Salary in
New York (Manhattan) NY:$100,000

Comparable salary in Los Angeles-Long Beach CA: $73,953.31

If you move from New York (Manhattan) NY
to Los Angeles-Long Beach CA

Groceries will cost: 12.533% less

Housing will cost: 31.437% less

Utilities will cost: 33.376% less

Transportation will cost: 5.349% less

Healthcare will cost: 13.665% less

And here’s the clincher – Babysitting is 42% less. Compare that to the measly 26% decrease in salary and it’s hello nightlife!

You might wonder how I have time to figure all this out. It’s simple, my friends.

I’m on deadline.

Yes, deadline for a huge project. One that will be virtually impossible to finish in time. So, as is true to form, I have found something else to do. Something that will lead me down a road to eventually misery.


It’s a great tactic.

It might not help me get my project done. But I’m sitting here with a nice cup of zinger tea and typing away.



3 thoughts on “Babysitter-free-zone.

  1. Sounds like it might be you who needs the babysitter. At ANY price 🙂 Ha!
    (he says as he’s reading and commenting on your blog instead of doing his work…)

  2. And that my friends, is all she wrote. A great post and a great way to waste time! Interesting to see these stats; glad I never needed a sitter in Manhattan since I was paying so much more for everything else without the six figure salary that you listed. My waste of time this afternoon was watching some moron on YouTube spank his cat. For some reason, I found it very funny. Well, at least funnier than the dreck I’m being paid to write today!

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