I am grateful for…

1. my husband, chef, friend, partner, chef. (did I say chef?)
2. my boys. they are so wonderful.
3. my extended family. they’re all great. well, almost all. (just kidding.)
4. my clients. nice people, challenging work, and it pays the bills.
5. wine.
6. my bff. (and she’ll be here next week. omg!)
7. everything we have that makes our life so comfortable.
8. this blog. it’s been a great outlet for me. (and I’ve made some wonderful new friends.)
9. you readers. what’s the point of blogging if no one reads it? so thanks.
10. brian and all his crew who are busting butt for us. (but I don’t want to get political here. certainly not on Thanksgiving.)
11. wine. did I say that already? okay, fine. my friends. love you guys.
12. cyrus. I’m extremely lucky to have a personal trainer. particularly one who pushes me so hard. thanks, man.
13. health and happiness. who could ask for more?


3 thoughts on “

  1. Happy turkey day! I’m grateful to have you guys. vacations and daily living wouldn’t be the same without you! Who would solve my problems?!

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