Plop. Plop. Fizz. Fizz.

I’m at the tail end of a project that has been as difficult as any I’ve ever worked on. I want to feel relief, but all I feel is worry. Worried that the client will say, “THAT’S not what I meant” or “What about the XXX?” or that it just plain sucks.

So I got to thinking. Why do I doubt my abilities? Why do I believe the client will be unhappy? Is it because this project was outside my comfort zone? No, I don’t think so. I know I’m capable of this. What I don’t know is what the client expects.

Ahhhh. Expectations.

When I was married to the previous Mr. Wendy, we went to a marriage counselor. Who’da thunk? Anyway, the doc said there was one way that I could be happy with Mr. W. All I had to do was lower my expectations. To none.


Absolutely none.

What a bleak and dreary existence that sounded like to me. But honestly, I might have tried except Mr. W had little interest in any of it. He just did not particularly like me.

And yet, he asked me to marry him. And we made a home together and we began to build a life. But when push came to shove, he admitted that he had real disdain for me.

Fast forward to this project.

Client courts us. Client hires us. Client, over the weeks, appears to be not-so-fond of us. So as I prepare to deliver the gargantuan document that I’ve spent every waking hour working on, I fear that there will be dissatisfaction.

Consider it intuition.

Or pessimism or insecurity or whatever you want.

I don’t know what they expect. And I’m a nervous wreck.


9 thoughts on “Plop. Plop. Fizz. Fizz.

  1. It’ll be great – you do great work. Me thinks it is time for a glass of wine and for you to put your feet up and await the arrival of your BFF!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who stresses about doing something right! If you know what the person/company expects, it’s so much easier than having to constantly second-guess yourself.

    Crossing my fingers that the client loves your report. 🙂

  3. Wendy, I felt so sad reading that…to know that you were living with a man who did not recognize what all of us who “read” you here know…you are funny, and bright, and sensitive and sweet.

  4. As talented as you are, any disappointment on the part of your client would tell me they’re at fault for not giving you a clearer picture of their expectations. But I’m guessing your product will be much to their liking in the end!
    p.s. Are you turning it in soon so you can have that glass of wine and enjoy the weekend???

  5. Thanks all – not off the ledge yet, but trying!

    Cruisin – don’t be sad. He wasn’t for me either. He wanted a meek housewife and just didn’t see who I was until it was too late. And I’m not a meek housewife, I can tell you that!

    Laurie – I’ll be relaxxxeeed by Saturday to celebrate with you!

  6. first of all, i have every confidence you did a kick ass job and the client will be happy.

    second, i think it’s a good thing to be worried. i think when you stop worrying about whether or not the client will be happy is when you lose your edge.

    good thoughts xoxoxox

  7. Wendy — you have some great friends who totally respect you and the jobs you do! I, too, am one of your biggest fans and know that because you are concerned about meeting their expectations, you will do it! Like the first Mr. Wendy, their expectations of you may be much lower than what your expectations of yourself are — let’s hope they recognize excellence!

  8. Hey Wendy-
    Hadn’t read in a while and then stumble on this. I completely wrote off the work stuff (knowing that you’ll do great!) and was dying laughing over the old Mr. Wendy stuff! I still remember the day I heard you two were getting married… Wish I could have scraped my jaw off the floor and actually warned you!!

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