Where are you going for your next vacation?

Seems there’s a trend showing women 50+ going vacationing in Kenya, a country they say is “just full of big young boys who like us older girls.” Seems that the handsome young men don’t mind a bit – there’s plenty in it for them, too. And then there’s the local drink: a powerful mix of honey, fresh limes and vodka known locally as “Dawa,” or “medicine.”

Can you say roadtrip?

Read the article here

Clearly, I’m not going. I’m a happily married woman. But this really caught my eye!


5 thoughts on “Where are you going for your next vacation?

  1. Okay I can personally attest to the goodness of the Dawa. However, after spending 3 weeks there it is definitely not the romatic oasis the article makes it seem. Kenya may be the perfect sexy get away if you don’t care about your personal safety. I’ll send you the recipe for the Dawa and you can skip the trip!

  2. Darn! Wish I had read this article a few months ago — I just returned from Kenya in July, but had no idea what I missed until I read your blog and the article. I did love the Dawa — it is a very smooth, great drink! Seriously, I would be very worried about AIDS/HIV in Kenya — the ones most infected are women. The men believe that if they have sex with a virgin, they will be cured of their disease. So, they rape young girls — some very young. It’s sad…

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