Boomer survey

A friend of mine is doing graduate work in Interdisciplinary Studies at Niagara University and is writing a paper on baby boomers and their attitudes towards volunteering. If you are 1) a baby boomer and 2) so inclined, please take a few minutes to answer this short survey (only 10 questions!) Your answers will be totally anonymous. No salesmen will call.


3 thoughts on “Boomer survey

  1. Your friend may wish to consult the generational theory superhero duo of Strauss and Howe. Boomers are not born 1946 – 1964, as demographers have it. And certainly not 1946 – 1963, as your friend states. Rather, they are born 1943 – 1960. In doubt, just ask anyone born in the years 1943 – 1945 or 1961 – 1964 if they identify with being a Boomer. The earlier cohorts will most likely say “yes.” The latter cohorts will emphatically say “no.”

  2. Sorry but I have to disagree with Jessie. I was born in 1961 and consider myself a boomer albeit one born at the tail end.

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