Today is Spouse 2.0 Day.

What is Spouse 2.0 Day, you ask?

It’s a day to show appreciation for, you guessed it, the spouse.

Andrew, I appreciate:

That you are teaching our boys to cook
That you worship the ground I walk on
Your generosity
That you make me laugh
Your smile
Your eyes
That we talk about interesting things
Playing Quiddler with you
That you sometimes play SET with me
Your depth of knowledge (about everything, right?)
That you handle the projects I don’t understand
What I’ve learned from you about fine dining
The goatee (I know you keep it for me)
That you cook for me, my friends, my family…
That you get me snacks at night
That you make sure we don’t run out of Diet Pepsi

Stuff I can’t say here





8 thoughts on “Today is Spouse 2.0 Day.

  1. Since I don’t have my own blog, I hope you don’t mind if I post on yours.

    My Love, I appreciate:

    Your humor
    Your always optimistic nature
    The gift you have given our children of a happy, positive home
    That you find my trivial conversations interesting (or at least you pretend very well)

    And a few other things

    I love you



  2. BBB – that is spooky! Happy day ๐Ÿ™‚

    B – That is lovely. Your spouse is very lucky to have someone appreciate him/her as much as you do. 460

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