more. more. more.

I went to the mall this evening. Not to shop. Yikes. No, I went to help gift wrap for charity.

I was seriously taken aback by the crowds and conspicuous consumption. And that made me think about a short film that was sent to me this weekend. The Story of Stuff. (thanks for the pointer, Daneet!)

And while it is awfully liberal, it raises some questions for me. You?

Here’s a little teaser so you can decide if you want to commit to 20 minutes. (I’m glad I did…)


One thought on “more. more. more.

  1. Thanks for spreading the love-word-message. I just got the vid link in my inbox this week. My sister’s dear friend was the producer. And my sister, a middle school math teacher in the Bay Area, often uses Free Range Studios’ vids as a context setting for math problems in which her students learn to calculate their so-called carbon footprints, average household water consumption, etc. Cool stuff.

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