What if you could undo your mistakes? Wouldn’t you?

I would have quickly answered “yes” but stopped to think about whether this is really true for me…in a historical sense.

The answer is still yes. Certainly when it comes to people. If I hurt someone or did something that inadvertently causes trouble, I own up and work to make it better.

However, I can’t tell you how many items of clothing I have ruined over the years by washing hastily with the wrong things, wrong temperature, drying in the machine (yes, I’ve had mini-doll-sweaters) and the like.

I donated the sweaters to someone’s doll, but tossed the colored, stained, and otherwise unwearable items.

But today, it occurred to me that there is another way.

My personal trainer, Cyrus, gave me a great black shirt from his new gym. It’s Under Armour -like fabric with his logo. It fits great and feels even better.

Well, the new (and pricey) bra that I was wearing under it turned black in parts. Not a nice solid color. Just that gross stained blechy, blotchy way.

So I cooked it on the stovetop with RIT Color Remover.

And it’s good as new.

So this got me to thinking.

Why don’t I know the ins and outs of doing laundry? I mean I do laundry about a thousand times a week, but I believe the ads that say the color won’t run if you wash in cold and I (yes, I admit it) throw everything in together. There, I said it.

*caveat: As you know, I feel differently about washing my sheets. I don’t know how that happened. Call me crazy. I imagine you already do.

I sometimes wish that I took pride in my laundry and that I had perfectly folded, always clean clothes for my family. But, alas, it is all too frequent that I tell the boys to find clothes in the laundry basket that is sitting by the dryer. Sure, they’re clean. But they’re sure not folded.

Watching TV and old movies makes me think that women used to lovingly and passionately do their laundry.

Could this be? Could that really have been the source for anyone’s joy?


6 thoughts on “Do-over.

  1. I actually do think it was a source of joy…but not for everyone. For some, it was and probably still is, an expression of love. For some an expression of pride. For me, it’s something that better get done, so we don’t have to wear stinky underwear! (did I just say that out loud?)By the way Wendy, what an ingenious idea to die the article of messed up clothing…thanks!

  2. I enjoy doing laundry, but i dont like folding it or putting it away. One of my sons loves to match socks. I could see someone enjoying the whole process.

  3. I like doing laundry but like SB, not folding it. I also like cleaning. And ruined clothing? The other day I had on a long sleeved tee – very good quality purchased at Nordstrom’s, which is now tied died because it got in the wash with bleach. Even worse, my vintage English Beat tee is now a light pink colour. Sigh.

  4. Oh my GOD I feel so much better knowing other people tell their kids to go through the laundry baskets – I thought I was the only person who did that. Seriously.

  5. I really like doing laundry, but only if I can do it right. I like to sort the laundry, pre-soak and pre-treat the stains, and wash it in the right temperature with the right detergent. It just doesn’t work in an apartment though. I can’t wait to have really white socks again.

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