Little orphan pokerchicks.

(photo by Laurie – I only wish she was in it too!)

Sadly, we were missing 2 of our pokerchicks last night. We were hoping for a full house.

A lot happened this week for all our chicks. One has a very sick cat. Another has a husband with a herniated disk. There are work issues for several, kid issues for others. It’s just that time of year, you know? As for me, my hub was stuck in Boston after all the flights were canceled because of the huge snowstorm. Wouldn’t have been so bad, I suppose, except he was stuck outside waiting for a train in the storm for hours freezing his tush off. Oh and did I mention that I packed him his left glove and my right glove? Do you know how small my hands are? Oops. I have to say, he was a trooper. Hopefully he’ll get home today. But I digress.

Last night was an extravaganza. And it was clearly the distraction that we all needed. Stacks (not her real name) set up an amazing spread – crab cakes, shrimp, nuts, cheese, toffee and more along with champagne and lovely wines.

We talked, we laughed. And we laughed some more.

Oh, and we played poker. Baltimore, Follow the Queen, High-Low, Omaha. We played ’em all.

No big losers last night (well, maybe one).

So maybe it wasn’t the most serious game we’ve ever had. But speaking for myself, I think ranks up there with the best.

I love these chicks. And I love this night every month.


6 thoughts on “Little orphan pokerchicks.

  1. Funny doesn’t even come close! For last night’s laughs, I would have been willing to lose my shirt. But I kept mine on…

  2. Only I lost my shirt – figuratively that is. Wendy, you seemed to be on the verge of it, literally, that is! But that belly laugh – OMG – just what the doctor ordered. And thanks to Stacks for a great spread. Showed the picture to L and she got hysterical. Was sorry to have missed us all last night!

  3. there truly is nothing like good laughs with good girlfriends. I have a girlfriend night coming this Monday, and really looking forward to it.

  4. i really don’t think i have ever laughed that hard (i supposed there were some mitigating factors?). it doesn’t look like nearly funny in the photo as it was in person 🙂

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