Columbia Mall Christmas Haiku

Thirty-five winters
With the same poinsettia tree
Is really boring

I know, I know. This is not a popular point of view. But seriously folks. Hundreds of people actually protested that the 20 foot structure that holds up 685 potted poinsettia plants was not displayed this year at the local mall.

And the mall management promised to bring it back next year.

Hello! Doesn’t anyone else find it amazing that a metal frame covered with plants brings out the activist in people around here? Don’t we have something better to protest?

War? Taxes? Torture? Genocide?





6 thoughts on “Columbia Mall Christmas Haiku

  1. first of all, LOVED the poem! As a life long Columbia resident, I am used to seeing the spectacular sight of the poinsettia “tree”. It is a long standing tradition for us Columbia-ites. I do, however, agree with your point of view about the uproar over it’s absence. Especially at this time of year when our society is focused on giving to others, human kindness, etc. (but really, shouldn’t we think this way ALL year?), turn those powerful words to making lives better for all, not just the beautification of a mall indoor pond! You go girl!

  2. Oh, I don’t know…cookie cutter decorations year after year for cookie cutter land sounds just about right to me.

    Little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes….

  3. No poinsettia tree
    Who’d’ve thought it meant so much
    I hadn’t noticed

    [I can never resist a little haiku reply! Enjoy Maine & Happy New Year!!]

  4. what really kills me is that the mall donated the money it normally spends on the poinsettas to the hospital (i think? maybe it was another charity). how can people argue about donating money to a good cause??? i seriously can’t believe the uproar over some silly plants.

  5. it’s funny what gets people’s knickers in a knot.
    By the way, where is Bueller when you need him? What the people in your town need is a little Danke shane.

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