The Maine Restroom Tour: December 2007

I started off with good enough intentions. Really, I did. I was going to take a photo in every restroom on the trip.

Sure, it was easy at first. But a funny thing happened.

I relaxed.

Maybe it was the knitting. Or just being away from my computer.

I stopped carrying my purse. And my phone.

So I’d find myself in a public restroom sans a camera.

The horrors.

Just the same, I’d like to share with you the 3 photos that came out. I did take a few more, but these are the best. And as you will see, that is not saying a heckofa lot.

Do you think this works? If so, I’d like to put a sign like this up in the boys’ bathroom here at home.

This one had me giggling for an hour. Remember:

Here I sit all brokenhearted
Came to poop and only farted

An oldie, but a goodie.

Well, this undiscovered until now Poet Laureate wrote (in case you can’t read it)

Here I sit
So sad to find
I came to poop
But only a fart came from my behind.

Now that’s some great poetry. I wish she’d signed it with more than just initials.

And this is my favorite. What do you think happens when you flip the switch? Think it is self-cleaning? Think a crew comes in with a mop and supplies and fixes it on the spot? Think they wait until you’re finished?

I was afraid to flip the switch. But, I am seriously looking into getting a switch like that for my house.


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