13 questions I’ve had today.

1) What is this obsession with public restrooms?

2) Why am I so sensitive that a comment can ruin my afternoon?

3) Why would someone report my email (for a local nonprofit) as spam, thereby causing me hours of unnecessary work and suffering?

4) Why is this night different from all other nights? (okay, that was a joke.)

5) Isn’t it odd that so many people I care about have birthdays the first half of January?

6) Look at me. I make you smile, I bring a tear to your eye, but I can’t be seen. What am I?

7) Is my dishwasher really fixed this time?

8) Where did all this laundry come from?

9) How long will the ‘resolution-ists’ be coming to the gym?

10) How will I ever get the recipe for the challah we had in Maine?

11) Is the weekend really coming soon?

12) Why did I schedule a workout for 6:30 tomorrow morning?

13) How can I love those boys so much, and yet I can’t wait until they go to bed tonight!?


One thought on “

  1. Fun list.

    #2. Me too.

    #3. I accidentally did that to someone today. In Gmail, the delete button is riiiiight next to the “Report spam” button. Would that cause someone grief?

    #5. Heh. Thanks for the card! yayyyyy. I round up to 50 now too!

    #9 I live next to 2 gyms, and have to laugh; parking spilled over to the street last night, for the entire evening.

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