Young love.

I was coming out of an appointment around lunchtime today. I noticed an adorable young guy walking back and forth with a big bouquet of balloons. He was looking and pacing and looking some more. All of a sudden, this cute girl with a pony tail who couldn’t have been more than 22, walked up behind him.

He turned and saw her. He he gave her the balloons and she looked shocked. I imagined she asked what they were for. And I heard him say, just because I love you.

And she hugged him and they stepped over by the car and they kissed.

They were still kissing as I drove away.

It was so sweet.

Young love.


3 thoughts on “Young love.

  1. On one hand, I want to barf with the cuteness. On the other hand, it makes me say to someone, “Hey, why haven’t YOU ever…”

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